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Blue Skies Fellowship


God is Love, pure and simple. To break it down God is the trees, the breeze, Louise or whoever you are. God is a car, far, near, next to me, beer, deer, fear, want, desire, peace, joy, a boy, a girl, however you unfurl, a curl, a pearl, a stick, schmick, frumpy, grumpy, slumpy, stumpy, fragile, weak, strong, like king kong, a pong, wrong, right, delight, fright, might, a kite, slight, much, a clutch. God is everything. The stars, Mars, that planet there, your hair, underwear, silk, milk, a yak, a yam, a dam, licquorice, steel, a car door, a hard floor, being poor, a chore, adore, amour, four, war, tore, store, a black hole, a quark, a fart, a tart, cream, a stream, a moon beam, an asteroid, dark, a shark, God is every where and everything and here and now and then and again. God is Love. Get it? Oh I forgot wine. God is definitely wine.

Your purpose is to serve. Make sure you serve. Always put others first. By doing so you will know. Do it humbly and with grace. In doing so you will derive the greatest joy you have ever known. Material possessions will make no sense, more is not it, that all makes no sense. It's not sacrifice, it's not suffering, it's just knowing. You will never go without, you will always have just enough. You will know.

Be kind to yourself and the world. Remember everything is God. If you hurt one thing you hurt God. So if you ignore the environment, you ignore God. By doing so you ignore you. Treat everything with the respect it deserves. By doing so you respect you. God is innate in everything. God is not out there. God is in the makeup of everything. With this realisation you realise God is in us and them and everything. And that means good and bad. But then there is no good and bad it's just the simplistic way we've been taught to think. Always look for the trilogy, the 3rd bit that makes sense of it all. Don't dualise things trying to make events, people, actions, beliefs good or bad. Look for the missing bit that helps make sense of it all. You find the missing by not looking. Laugh out loud. Yes, life is a paradox. Make sure you have plenty of quiet times. Just silence yourself. Blend in with all around you. Blend in with you. Silence. Just Be. Quieten the mind. Just be.

The end. Not really, it's just the beginning. Or it could be the middle. More importantly it is. Enjoy.


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