If you do anything today with a sense of urgency or guilt, or a need to, or have to or should do, or must do, in order to meet deadlines or because the rules say you have to - then you're coming from a place of ego. The problem can be that we spend the majority of our day in this space.

We can think of ego as coming from a place of over confidence or smugness. However, ego is very much anything we do where we are driven strongly by emotion. It's particularly problematic when that emotion is identified as being negative, such as guilt, worry, or fear which are tied up in the 'shoulds' or the 'need to' or the 'musts' we believe we have to do.

That's why it is so important to take some time out. Becoming aware of where you are at or what is happening to you is a great and very important way to start. Even a few seconds of awareness can be an excellent start. Being aware that you're busy or you need to get this or that done. When you become aware, do it from a place of stillness. Often it helps to say to yourself "I notice that I'm stressed", or "I notice I'm frustrated". Stop, take a breath and in this place of stillness notice what you are doing. It may not change anything, it doesn't really have to.

What you will become more aware of, is that the more you do this simple thing of stop-breathe-become aware, the rewards will be 10 fold. You will increasingly notice what is right for you and what is not. What tends to happen is that the effect of the guilt, the need to, the have to, the shoulds, the musts - tend to have less of an impact, in fact you will have greater clarity into what may need to be done here and now. Why not try practising it?

You may even find, in time, that you start to make some changes to your your life that are of greater benefit to you. Away from the ego and more to a place of being. Simply through the continued process of being more aware. Noticing. Observing. Why not start today? Stop, breathe, become aware. ‪‬

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An important part of maximising our day to ensure we are of service, is to be aware that we we are maximising our time in the present moment, which means not focusing on the future or the past. To help us achieve this we use the techniques of Mindfulness and Contemplation. Many of the posts and information on this web site relate to being more present in the "now" through Mindfulness and other Meditative techniques. To further this we offer training in Mindfulness and also the recognised therapeutical tool of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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