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Excessive ego can include the place we go if we are involved in a serious car crash, a major health scare or the death of a loved one to name just a few examples. It's a ripe opportunity for the ego to take over and constantly worry about what is going to happen in the future because of this serious event that has occurred that has changed our lives. It's also despair about the past and how we might have been able to change it, somehow, if only .....

Our thoughts disappear from the present and oscilate wildly between the past and the future, 2 places in time that we have very little control over. We can't do anything about the past and believe it or not we can't do a lot about the future if we focus too much on it. What we can manage very well is 'right here, right now' or the present.

When you ride the back of worrying or despairing thoughts about the future or the past the raging monster that develops will not let you off. That thought then spirals into many thoughts that go off in many directions as you try to cover every possibility of what you could have done or what you might be able to do. It often results in anguish and disconnect from the present - the place in time you really only have the ability to manage, right here, right now.

Letting go of control helps get you get back to now. There are very few things in life we have control over. Control is a consuming passion that yields little result. It's ego. It's far better to 'manage' our thoughts and feelings.

Managing the present is a more achievable option. Finding strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, prayer, stillness, or simply being aware of our breathing, help us focus back to now. The mind can be a wonderful thing but two thirds can be cursed - that part that deals excessively with the past and the part focussed too much on the future, both to the detriment of now, the only part we can really do anything about.

When your focus is totally on now, that's the place you can manage events that need to be managed now. Forgive yourself for the past if you must. Let it go. Be here now. In stillness and calm. Breathe. Connect.

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We believe in service to humanity is an integral part of what it mean to be human. Serving with humility and grace. We offer support for people in need. We also offer international support for the disabled. We rely solely on private funding to achieve our work. Please feel free to explore this web site to find out more.

An important part of maximising our day to ensure we are of service, is to be aware that we we are maximising our time in the present moment, which means not focusing on the future or the past. To help us achieve this we use the techniques of Mindfulness and Contemplation. Many of the posts and information on this web site relate to being more present in the "now" through Mindfulness and other Meditative techniques. To further this we offer training in Mindfulness and also the recognised therapeutical tool of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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