Soxy, our black and white cat came to us during a wild thunderstorm in 2002. We were watching the rain pound down further saturating the humid air. Lightening lit up the early evening sky. And there coming in from somewhere were 2 glistening eyes moving through the grass, it was soxy as a tiny kitten looking for respite from the storm. And she's been with us ever since. Perhaps the effect of the storm with all its might and being such a defenseless creature at the time has left her with a love of peace and quiet. She is often seen curled up on the bed away from the crowd. She loves her solitude.

Ice came to us as a rescue dog on the 10th May 2016. He is the most gorgeous creature. Just the best nature, a truly wonderful dog who teaches us all so much about unconditional love.

They are both today going to lovely new homes.

These blogs represent the thoughts and processes Julie and Mark are experiencing as they move on to a new life that is categorised by selling up just about everything they own and travelling with no destination in mind and no time constraint.

It's also charectorised by believing life is short and must be lived well which has as its basis, serving others and in the process maximising joy through all the opportunities that present themselves along the way. Serving others ultimately means putting others first. So where ever we go we want to be able, in some culturally appropriate way, to contribute positively to the society or group of people we are with. We will try our best not to live in a westernised, protective bubble.

It is a privilege to travel. Not everyone has the ability to do so. We honour the ability to travel.

We have no idea where we will end up. We are doing all of this on a shoe string budget. What we leave behind is a sea container that has only a few possessions totaling less than a thousand dollars. What we take with us is basically ourselves. The small amount of money we had saved has been used to build our "tiny blue cabin" to sleep in for the first part of our journey, and in getting our ageing Jeep up to scratch! Ouch! Bye, bye savings. We also have a desire to not let the roots grow under our feet, anchoring us to the ground through possessions, complacency, debt and so much other "heavy weight" living in western society can bring.

Mark is particularly inspired by the life of Saint Francis of Assisi who lived humbly and sparsely helping others and Julie through intuitive spirituality. God, the spiritual energy of the universe, guides us both. We are not religious fanatics. Simply people who see the connectedness in everything. We believe sacred all people, the earth, the environment, the universe.

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