29th May 2017

We are by no means the first or last people to give up everything and go nomad or virtually homeless in search of a perceived destiny. It does feel as though we have a calling and that of course starts to delve in the spiritual side of life which can be off putting for some. I guess if you’re fully entrenched in a Westernised way of life, life itself needs to be full of fun and a degree of certainty and you would go travelling for a year or more because you could afford to or because you knew you had an end date and a job to go back to or you knew your path was trekking your own structured “el camino” or you knew something about the future that gave you some sense of comfort or security. But what if you had no idea about any of that? You were instead just ‘going’. Well that’s what is happening for Julie and I. Again I try and humble myself here by reminding myself that we are not the first or the last to do this sort of thing and there are many who have gone before and endured far more risk and aversion than we will ever contemplate.

We are currently in Denham in the Shark Bay region of Western Australia. It’s glorious. We’ve been here for 3 days now and the weather is perfect, the ocean very, very blue and serenity is everywhere. We spent the last 2 days in what seems like luxury, staying in an apartment on the foreshore, a luxury we booked long ago before we realised that money could have been more wisely spent now that we are down to our last dollars! But as fate would have it, Julie went for a not typical early morning walk yesterday and met a glorious gentleman on the beach who has had more life experiences than most mere mortals could handle. They chatted and he fully comprehended our plight and being a god serving person understood what life is like when you hand over your destiny to a power greater than you or a power that you begin to realise is a part of you and walks along with you when you can master getting the ego out of the way. The ego always wants certainty and less risk and more of life’s comforts because you deserve it and more of stuff out there that you can own and possess that gives you some supposed sense of identity because it’s yours.

Again none of this is new. Buddhism, Mystic Christianity (which I love), some New Age teachings, Karma, the Twelve Steps program - a whole range of beliefs and practises espouse similar views. When you trust a power greater than you that paradoxically is you, your true purpose becomes more apparent. And it’s a lot more than what you accumulate, amass in life, your net dollar value, your status, your profession. It’s what you ultimately give back to life, selflessly beyond yourself and your immediate family.

But it aint easy. We have only been on the road in this capacity for a week and so many fears have arisen that feed the ego. They have been different fears for each of us. Am I crazy? How will we survive financially? Where’s home? Where’s my security? Will we become homeless bums? What is this all about? There’s also another big “but” – it’s also all so glorious! You really start to live in the moment. When everything is new and every experience is a new one and nothing is familiar and you have no place to call home except in our case our tiny, blue cabin, there’s a sense of excitement and now-ness in it all.

That’s where we are currently at. After a week on the road finally time to stop, catch our breath, look around, reflect and breathe. It’s all as it should be.

These blogs represent the thoughts and processes Julie and Mark are experiencing as they move on to a new life that is categorised by selling up just about everything they own and travelling with no destination in mind and no time constraint.

It's also charectorised by believing life is short and must be lived well which has as its basis, serving others and in the process maximising joy through all the opportunities that present themselves along the way. Serving others ultimately means putting others first. So where ever we go we want to be able, in some culturally appropriate way, to contribute positively to the society or group of people we are with. We will try our best not to live in a westernised, protective bubble.

It is a privilege to travel. Not everyone has the ability to do so. We honour the ability to travel.

We have no idea where we will end up. We are doing all of this on a shoe string budget. What we leave behind is a sea container that has only a few possessions totaling less than a thousand dollars. What we take with us is basically ourselves. The small amount of money we had saved has been used to build our "tiny blue cabin" to sleep in for the first part of our journey, and in getting our ageing Jeep up to scratch! Ouch! Bye, bye savings. We also have a desire to not let the roots grow under our feet, anchoring us to the ground through possessions, complacency, debt and so much other "heavy weight" living in western society can bring.

Mark is particularly inspired by the life of Saint Francis of Assisi who lived humbly and sparsely helping others and Julie through intuitive spirituality. God, the spiritual energy of the universe, guides us both. We are not religious fanatics. Simply people who see the connectedness in everything. We believe sacred all people, the earth, the environment, the universe.

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