Whenever you have doubt as you surely will - doubt about who you are, what you stand for, your path in life, are you good enough, what's it all about? etc. - take time to go into the silence, for it is there that you will find clarity. Silence is as simple as stopping where you are and taking a few breaths that you really notice.

Become aware of your breathing, the breath going in and the breath going out. Try 3 breaths. It's not unusual when we are really angst that we lose track after just 2 breaths because of our mind clutter. That incessant chatter in our heads that is very rarely focused on 'right now'. It's often more focused on worry and doubt which are feelings that are not found in the present moment.

Notice your thoughts, become aware of them like a curious scientist or inquisitive child - look at them from a distance and notice that you are not your thoughts. They are there, but see if you can just notice them and not get consumed by them. That's where the breathing comes in. Notice the thoughts, let them go like leaves passing by on a stream, and focus on your breathing to get you back to right now.

The more you can practise this, the more you will become familiar with the process and then the more you can trust it to lessen the discomfort of doubt, worry and a million and one other unwanted thoughts and feelings that enter our lives during the day. Why not practise today - any where, any time!

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