I was feeling a little "flustered" a while ago so I was reminded of this ...

When you are feeling pushed for time, in a hurry, feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do,
Slow down.
Deliberately slow down and focus on the NOW, the PRESENT.
Do this by becoming aware of your breathing.
Simply notice your breathing.
The breath going in and the breath going out.
See if you can do this for 3 breaths in a row.

The breath going in. The breath going out.
The breath going in. The breath going out.
The breath going in. The breath going out.

Now look at the back of your hand, any hand.
Simply observe your hand.
Look at your fingers, your nails, any interesting features you can see.
Simply observe.

Focusing on your breathing and looking at the back of your hand need only take 30 seconds.
When thoughts come in to distract you, simply notice what that thought was,
and let it go, like a leaf floating down a stream.

The more you practise this, the more you will find yourself back in the moment, the present moment.
Now, in the present moment, when you are more present after an execise like this,
decide what needs to be done, what can be put on hold, and what can simply be put off for a while or not be dealt with at all because it was only fear or doubt that was driving us.

The more you practise this simple technique, the easier it should be to start making good decisions for what is right for you, here and now. #mindfulness

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