Ego versus God

Being connected with the world, the earth, God - is as simple as recognising your ego at work. Next time you're in a hurry to get to that appointment, that really important meeting, that something which is so occupying your mind (and let's face it, it's still in the future, it's not NOW so not real) - and you pass someone by who needs some assistance - they may have dropped their keys or are struggling with some bags or are begging for money or are having trouble crossing the street, and you say to yourself "I'd love to help but I haven't got the time" - that's EGO. God is when despite your imagined future and the deadlines you think you have, you stop and help that person. It's that simple. God versus ego - the choice is easy.

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So many of our thoughts are based in the future (things we should be doing, things we think we have to do) or they based in the past (regrets, guilt, reminiscing).

It leaves little time to actually be in the right now, the present moment, which when you think about it is all we have!

So why not make the most of right now by reducing those thoughts about the future and the past and especially reducing their negative impacts on our lives like fear, guilt, regrets, anger etc.

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