Professionally, that is career wise or job wise, I believe I'm like most Westernised people where a job meant access to financial security and a way to find happiness through acquiring material possessions. It seems the more you have the happier you will be. There would be few people who would deny having a million dollars of your own is better than trying to live day to day or payday to payday. It seems to offer some form of security, or so the story goes. So that's my background. The elusive search for more. More money and more security through money. Constantly tempting me would be adds for beautiful cars and boats and homes and holidays and an endless list of desires.

Then, it wasn't that long ago, I discovered helping others. It was more than doing it through my job. So it was more than having a job that just happened to help others. I'm a social worker so it's easy to have paid employment and in the process help others.

I decided to toally dedicate my life to helping others, or as some say, serving others. I've left full time work and now do my best assisting those in need. It's meant a change to lifestyle including less money coming in and less focus on material possessions and desire for things on credit! I live a lot more simply now which is so much more joyful believe it or not! My wife, Julie has come along for the journey too!

We have formed a not for profit organisation called Blue Skies Fellowship. It's in its early days but we have helped people in simple ways such as providing people with transport to get to and from appointments; supplying firewood for people who can't afford heating; visiting lonely people; buying food for people; counselling, and also looking at our neighbours such as Bali in Indonesia where we are focusing on supporting people with disabilities. We go on our first trip with this aim in mind on October 30 this year. The main aim will be to investigate the best way to support organisations already supporting the disabled. The easiest way is to provide financial support but as the saying goes "feed people fish and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime". So it could be helping set up small industry so that repairs or the small manufactuer of wheelchairs and other aids actually occurs there in Bali, thus providing a source of employment.

So my life has turned from capitalism to serving and in the process has never been more fullfilled and joyful. It really is a wonderful transformation! I highly recommend it no matter what you are expereincing in life and especially no matter what excuses your ego gives as to why you can't currently do it!


This was brought to you by Blue Skies Fellowship Incoporated, a registered not for profit organisation based in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia. We offer support for people in need. We also offer international support for the disabled. We rely soley on private funding to achieve our work. Please feel free to explore this web site to find out more. Thank you.

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