The Power of "I Don't Know"


Do you know how empowering "I don't know is"? When we are younger it seems we need to know everything, or at least have some sort of answer to a question someone throws at us. Ever caught your self out attempting to find an answer to a question you don't really know the answer to? Your face squirms up, you can scratch your head in a massive thought attack, all sorts of signs are there to say you're doing it.

Well why not join the I Don't Know Club? It is actually very liberating. I mean if you do know, like really know, then answer a question. But if you don't, and let's face it that will be the majority of the time, especially if you increasingly practise I Don't Knowness, then simply say "I don't know".

Released from your mind and psyche from doing so will be that tension, that angst, that need to know, control. That's a big one - the release of control. It all just goes, released. It's as simple as "I don't know".

It also helps you live more in the present moment. You listen more, especially to people who do know. You get entertained more by the majority of people who don't know but try to know. You're more relaxed and you learn a heck of a lot.

It's a win/win situation. Why not give it a go? Try "I don't know"!