Insect Hotels

Insect hotels provide a much needed home to pollinators and pest controllers. Urbanisation and a growing preference for tidy gardens, lawns and a lack of dead wood have decreased the habitat for the likes of wild bees, spiders and ladybugs. Insect hotels can harbor numerous beneficial insects as well as amphibians. Some may like a damp environment while others prefer to stay dry. Ladybugs like to hibernate during winter in piles of dry twigs and leaves, which you can provide for them in your insect hotel. The good news is it does not have to costs you an arm and a leg to build an insect hotel, just a little of your time and effort.

The bugs aren’t that fussy as long as they have got somewhere to bed down and lay their eggs, so you can go as fancy or as simple as you like. Just remember never use chemically treated or impregnated wood and lumber for your construction as these materials can be extremely harmful for insects as well as for your garden in general.