Getting inspiration from work

Are you inspired in your work? What is important in your work? Do you find yourself focusing on issues such as where you sit, what coffee cup you use, what time you go to lunch, trying to avoid another worker, how many hours until home time?

If you find yourself focusing more on these type of issues and they are the barometer of whether or not you have a good day, chances are you are not inspired. You possibly aren't doing the job you were designed for. Yes designed for!

Changing your mindset can change your life. For example believing that you are actually here to do a certain job in life can be life changing! Particularly if that job is in service to others. Imagine engaging in a job where you feel you are helping others, even changing lives. Is that what you are currently doing?

You know it doesn’t mean necessarily quitting your job, it could be “value adding” in your current job. How can you do it better knowing that by doing it better you are in some way helping others? Can you smile a little more at the people you meet each day? Even with difficult people you meet, can you see them more as troubled and in need of help and perhaps if you go that little bit further for them you may just be adding a little spark to humanity. It could even be just asking them how their day is going regardless of what the response may be?

If you practise these habits daily, you will be surprised how the universe responds. You will eventually gain more clarity around your life, it could even steer you in the direction of a more rewarding career, one you are better suited to, or it can make your current job more inspiring and hence rewarding. Get inspired today doing the little things in life!