Silence can defeat hatred

"Our world is so difficult. We must pray that the walls between groups and people fall and that each of us grows in love and freedom to discover true solidarity among human beings". Jean Vanier

Our world is so difficult because everytime we frown at someone or negatively judge someone we add to that part of the world that seems so difficult.

Hatred does not suddenly appear but is borne of generations of of little judgements that stick and grow and mutate.

We have hatred on many scales including our own internal hates towards ourselves and others.

We also have global hates because of our connection with groups. Increasingly we can take on these hates because in many ways we have lost our way as free thinking individuals who can question and critique the world. Our critiques today are often snippets or grabs at small bits of information we read on social media that in many cases are simply proven to be not true.

The answer is to take time to be by yourself. Allow time for you. This requires quiet time. Anxious people find this difficult as their mind is in a constant whirl of chatter. Depressed people can't be bothered. But try, if only for a moment. For the next moment is born of the previous moment and these moments combine to grow and flow into a bath that you can sit and replenish.

Quieten your mind. Let your thoughts slip by. The persistent ones will resurface time and time again. Don't despair. Allow it, notice it, let it go.

In the silence (mindfulness, meditation, prayer, contemplation - call it what you will) don't fight for answers. Let the silence flow and bathe you in it's comfort. Comfort you will find if you allow it. Allow a few months to achieve this. No haste. Life is a journey and your discoveries will not ever be totally understood. They will change and bend but they will grow.

Discover yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Trust the guidance you find in the stillness. You will find it. Simply allow it. You'll resurface with a knowing, a stillness in your heart, a calmness. You only have to go within to seek it.



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