The lessons of life are hard. They are meant to be. That is life. If I asked “why is life sometimes (for many - often) difficult?” - it would be similar to looking at my hand and asking “why does it have fingers”? The answer would obviously be “because hands have fingers”. So it is with life. Life has difficulties. The battle, the resistance, the fight could be easily be let go of if we have, as our foundation, a mindset that acknowledges that life IS often difficult! Plain and simple. The secret is understanding (not resisting), being open to what we learn from those difficulties. Despite how supposedly intelligent human beings are, we only really learn and mature when we are met with difficulties. So the next time life presents you with hardship, be human and get angry, yell, scream and moan and then allow time to learn and grow from what has occurred. Life will then really blossom.


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