It's not unusual to wake feeling unmotivated, with a lack of energy to face the day, the morning blues. Know that when this happens we are not in the present moment. The present moment, right now, can only be filled with what is happening right now. Through our senses - our hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste etc we experience the very present moment in all its glory.

The ego is that part of us that takes us elsewhere, generally back in time to yesterday or yester-year or forward to the future with predictions of what will happen and feelings of gloom if the morning blues are present.

Despite how real these thoughts and feelings feel and how sure you are that what you are thinking will come to pass, try instead to focus back on the very present moment through mindfulness. Mindfulness is your deliberate intention to focus your energy back onto this present moment. The easiest way to do this is through your senses. A good start is to focus on your breathing. Simply know that you are breathing and focus on it like a curious scientist discovering breathing for the very first time. Feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. Feel the sensation of the breath as it passes through your nose or mouth.

Next listen to a few sounds around you. Those sounds may be in the room and coming from outside. Simply notice the sounds without any judgments. Simply notice. You can do the same with a few things you can see. Really study anything unique or distinguishing about the object you are looking at. Really take it in.

If you practise this technique regularly you will become increasingly familiar with what it feels like to be anchored back into the present moment, which after all is all we have. And it is a wonderful thing the more you explore it - right here, right now. Try using mindfulness today to manage the morning blues!


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