Finding Calm through Mindfulness

When you wake up in the morning and feel uncertain it can be difficult to know what to do. Perhaps life is not going as you would like or you're feeling uncertain about the future or worrying that things will never be the same. Whatever it may be, you may be looking for an answer, something that will help you feel better or feel more confident and happy inside.

With the information that is out there trying to find that answer can be overwhelming. You can get a sense that everybody else is coping better or they are further down the track of contentment and happiness. That of course is not true. We really are all in the same boat.

One of the simplest ways to quieten your heart and mind, especially the mind which loves to blabber away, is to allow time for yourself to be in stillness. No matter what is going on around you it is possible to just sit in stillness. Become the observer rather than the doer. In stillness focus on what is happening around you. Look at it from a place of awareness, almost like you're a child discovering something for the very first time. Note all the things you can hear. Even try and focus on 3 things you can hear. Three things you can see.

While you do this your mind will blabber away. Telling you all sorts of stories. See if you can just sit with these. Don't try and change those thoughts or stories, just let them be. Do all of this from this place of observing, this awareness.

It can be difficult at first because our thoughts can seem so real. For many people they are their thoughts. But we're not really. So see if you can come from that place of simply observing your thoughts. Notice you are having them and catch yourself out having them.

You might say "Oh there's a worrying thought". Or "There's a money worry thought". The more you practise this the better you will get. You will learn to increasingly build up that observing side of yourself. That side that can catch yourself out when you're getting overwhelmed or consumed by your thoughts.

If you do it for 1 minute to start off with that's quite an achievement. You can do it anywhere at anytime. And it's free.