We are not really the smartest creatures mainly at the times when we get caught up in ourselves, our own self importance, viewing everything from our own little world view, how important our issues are, our problems, our concerns. It all seems very real and very unique. It seems to have so much importance. Much more importance than anyone else's little world. But it's not really true. Is it? You know that really don't you? In fact your problems are not really the issue. So what is?

It's the fact you're not really living life. You're so caught up, like 95 per cent of the population (probably more), in your own self importance. It's the disease of the 21st century. It's been going on for a while. It's all about me. Will I have enough money? Am I happy? Do I look good? Am I missing out? What are they thinking? Do they like me? Am I ok? You know what it's like. It's so easy to get caught up in. But you know it doesn't work? Don't you? It never leads to real happiness. Just 'fixes'.

You get a fix of knowing you've got money. A fix of being happy. A fix of looking good. A fix of not missing out. A fix of knowing for a moment you're ok. But it never lasts. Does it? It's not long before you're after the next fix. It's never ending. Our consumerist world, out desire for 'sustainable growth', for more, for better, for the next fix - it will make sure you're in there. Waiting, ready, excited about that next fix. The latest technology, the latest procedure, the latest weight loss fad or exercise craze, the latest bit of exciting news about the exciting thing that really excites you. But it never lasts. So what's the alternative? It's nothing. But nothing is really, really hard to sell. How do you sell nothing?

Nothing is simply being right here right now. Kinda boring really when you've been used to living in the ego. What's in it for me with this nothing-ness? Nothing that the outside world can see. But plenty for you. Just sitting with now - the seeming nothingness of now.

But how can that be done? How does anything get done if you spend time doing nothing? I mean you have to do this. You have to do that. You have to get caught up in this, plan this, organise that - the list is endless. There's always something that needs to be done. No time for nothing.

Why don't you try just 5 seconds of nothing right now? It will probably be the hardest thing you've ever done. Just sit with now. Don't do anything but sit with right here. Nothing. Stop. Right here, right now. So hard when you first try it. But it's where life and meaning truly are.

If you do nothing more than read this passage and acknowledge that it feels uncomfortable, this 'nothingness' then it's been worthwhile. If you got half a second of what nothingness feels like and you kinda felt ok, it was worth it. Worth coming back later for a few more seconds worth. You never know, after a few more tries, in fact many tries, you might really start to get it. This nothingness, it's not easy, but oh so rewarding!