Take some today to nurture your soul ....

Take some time today to go in peace.
Not hurried or driven by 'got to do' agendas.
Take some time today to just be.
Still, silent, at rest.
For a minute or 2 or 5 or 10.
For as long as your harried, caged ego will allow.
In time the moment you are in will take on more purpose.
The stopping, the stillness, despite your hectic surrounds, will become solace.
A place to connect with your unfolded soul.
That often lost part of us that wallows in the confines of our burdened now.
Set it free simply through stilness. Just being, here, now, present.
Clarity will arise, answers will appear, life will be as it is.
Perfect, in wonder, complete.
Dare to be here, now.
Take some time.