I do believe you will not find real joy unless in some way you are serving others.
To serve others includes having the welfare of others foremost in your mind.
If you just go to work for money, no matter how much money you earn,
You will never find the level of joy that there is to be had in serving others.

So how do you serve others if you are not directly working with people?
It could be as simple as always being aware, being mindful, of the person who will be using or receiving
the product or service you are working on or with.

If you fix air conditioners, make things, work with plumbing, tinker with engines, make clothes,
clean toilets, fix gutters, collect the garbage, count money, create software, repair clothes
- all of these areas and more will have an end product user.

As you go about your work constantly be aware of how you can value add to the work
you are doing and how that will benefit the end user.
This way you will be serving others.

If you only think of your next holiday break or pay slip, it's either time to adjust your apporach
Or it's time to look for another job.


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