Today I saw God

God is in the athiest
God is in the air
God is in the unknowing
God is in despair

God is in the science
God is in the quark
God is in the atom
God is in the dark

God is in the beauty
God is in the grace
God is in the humbleness
God is in distaste

God is all around us
God is over there
God is in the forest
God is formless there

God is the fabric
That binds it all together
God is neither good nor bad
God has been forever

Simply know that all that is
And all that came before
And all that there will ever be
Has come and gone for sure

It all makes perfect sense
When you venture into silence
When you get out of your own way
The God who's Love will light your day.

This was brought to you by Blue Skies Fellowship Incorporated, a registered not for profit organisation based in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

We believe in service to humanity is an integral part of what it mean to be human. Serving with humility and grace. We offer support for people in need. We also offer international support for the disabled. We rely solely on private funding to achieve our work. Please feel free to explore this web site to find out more.

An important part of maximising our day to ensure we are of service, is to be aware that we we are maximising our time in the present moment, which means not focusing on the future or the past. To help us achieve this we use the techniques of Mindfulness and Contemplation. Many of the posts and information on this web site relate to being more present in the "now" through Mindfulness and other Meditative techniques. To further this we offer training in Mindfulness and also the recognised therapeutical tool of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Thank you.

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