Sometimes you can feel as though you made the wrong choice
You feel alone and a little lost
You're not doing what others are doing
You think that others would have made better choices if they were you

It's at times like these that the ego can take over
Ruminating, the thoughts go around and around and multiply, getting worse

The best thing to do at times like these, knowing that they will not last
Is to let things be

Perhaps wallow for a bit
Do some escapism
Don't fight it
Especially if an obvious answer is not close at hand

Know that it won't last
A new day or moment will dawn
The chance to take stock will come
To feel more focused
To get back into it

For now
Let go
Let be
Get in touch with nature around you
Don't let any little natural event pass you by unnoticed
A bird flying by
The feel of a breeze against you face
The sun disappearing behind a cloud
The sun coming out from behind a cloud
It's all what is right now
It is the meaning, the true essence

The rest is just our journey as humans
Trying to make a difference
Trying to find our purpose
It all makes sense and has reason for unfolding this way
But it's no more important than the bird flying by, the breeze, the sun hiding

Never lose sight of that
We are no more or less important
Don't take your self too seriously
It's the paradox
It's important but it's not
Just let things unfold as they should

Let go
Let be



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