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2017.02.28 Some video music inspiration .... (more)

2017.02.19 Some days you only have this much energy .... (more)

2017.02.16 Spend just one day focusing not on what you want but on the needs of others, especially strangers .... (more)

2017.02.08 When you're centered and silent it all makes sense. When the mind is quiet you can see God everywhere. In science, in doubt, in average, over there .... (more)

2017.02.05 Thinking things are right or wrong, good or bad can be rewarding but also quite simplistic. This note looks at the richness that comes from NON-DUAL THINKING .... (more)

2017.01.26 Most aspire for more from life. Rising up to achieve more of what the ego desires. A few realise great meaning comes from below .... (more)

2017.01.21 Life's purpose is not in seeking rewards for the ego. It's in valuing that triumph has a foundation in smallness, an idea, a motivation, all found in humble locations .... (more)

2017.01.19 Life is about Love and Love is humility and grace, beauty and struggle. This note explains how this comes about .... (more)

2017.01.10 It can be hard to just be, in a place of acceptance and awareness. Too often we're sold awesomeness as a way to overcome supposed mediocrity. This note looks at how to just be .... (more)

2017.01.07 The world can seem an unfriendly place, particularly full of hate at times. The answer may lie in changing ourselves, one silent moment at a time. This note explores this further .... (more)

2017.01.04 When we despair over our negative feelings of guilt, shame or doubt, take some time out to observe them rather than wallow in them. Time observing, noticing, being more aware, requires quietness, reflection, silence. It is here that we can find the answers .... (more)

2017.01.03 Strive less and look around more for life's rewards, in the cracks between the gloss lay riches to lighten the journey of life .... (more)

2017.01.01 Happy New Year! Here's some ways to make 2017 a better year than 2016 .... (more)

2016.12.30 The Mystic, Meister Eckhart, has some good advice on maximising life's experience. We explore it more in this article .... (more)

2016.12.27 Joy cannot be found through our mind driven actions or ego rewards. This blog shows us how to embrace joy .... (more)

2016.12.23 With Christmas around the corner take the pressure of yourself with your expectations of how things will go and replace them with possiblities of how things MIGHT go .... (more)

2016.12.22 No matter what job you have, serving others is an honourable experience. This article tells you how you can do it today .... (more)

2016.12.19 Giving love unconditionally, how do you do it? .... (more)

2016.12.19 Using Mindfulness to manage the morning blues .... (more)

2016.12.15 Be king to yourself .... (more)

2016.12.13 Hope & fear walk hand in hand when we focus too much on the future .... (more)

2016.11.26 Try this next time you feel a little overwhelmed .... (more)


2016.11.16 Tea With God .... (more)

2016.11.02 Turn the curse of Expectations into liberating Possibilities .... (more)

2016.10.21 Stuckness .... (more)

2016.10.20 Remember to rest a while .... (more)

2016.09.30 Marvel at the miracle of life ... (more)

2016.09.26 Do you seek the answer? Like, if you had it, everything would be fine? .... (more)

2016.09.26 Let go, Let be .... (more)

2016.09.26 What to do when plans don't go as we want .... (more)

2016.09.24 Changing from capitalist to serving others .... (more)

2016.09.23 ... (more)

2016.09.19 Today, calm your heart ... (more)

2016.09.13 Meet Sue our gardener! ... (more)

2016.09.08 Spring has sprung here at Blue Skies Fellowship!

Beautiful Iris

2016.09.01 Mystical Depression.... occurs when you realise your need to surrender to mysticism rather than be driven by ego ... (more)

2016.09.01 Welcome to Spring in the southern hemisphere or Autumn in the north ....

2016.08.23 Learn to live with insecurity and you'll find a good slice of the menaing of life ... (more)

2016.08.22 From Mindfulness to Contemplation ... (more)

2016.08.19 Whenever you have doubt or fear, try this simple breathing exercise .... (more)

2016.08.13 When we truly realise that life is often difficult, then joyous moments become more bountiful ... (more)

2016.08.02 Our Sanctuary cat, Soxy, who is generally very private and shy, enjoying the sunshine and a sip from the bird bath. It's been a long and wet winter which is great for the gardens!



2016.07.05 "I just wanna do what I wanna do" I heard someone say recently in a conversation about work. It made me think about 'purpose'... (more)

2016.06.23 Instead of being sad, angry, stressed, flat or restless, try to Just Be ... (more)

2016.05.21 Free Falling - the art of letting go and letting life unfold naturally .... (more)

2016.05.15 God on a wing .... (more)

2016.05.06 Ego versus God like behaviour .... (more)

2016.05.05 Learning to observe ourselves and become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, particularly when things feel as though they are not going well for us, is a great way to better ground ourselves back with the present moment. It brings with it a sense of calm .... (more)

2016.04.28 The benefit of being more AWARE .... (more)

2016.03.19 Have you tried saying "I don't know" a lot more when people ask you things? It's often very liberating ... (more)

2016.03.08 Have you ever stopped to look at a majestic tree and view it's increible complexity and yet note it's simplicity? ... (more)

2016.02.25 (more)


2016.02.18 Your task is to find the good, the true, and the beautiful in everything ... (more)

2016.02.16 Ego versus Soul .... (more)

2016.01.28 In Praise Of The Quiet Life ....... (more)

2016.01.14 Jogging and being in the present moment .... (more)

2015.12.10 When you give thanks, keep it simple, keep it to the very present moment (more) ...

2015.11.28 Superstar rapper Macklemore's new song "Kevin" denounces pharma drug pushing, Xanax, Adderall, Ambien, war on drugs: .... (more)

2015.10.29 Taking time out. Time to just be ... (more)

2015.10.28 Excessive ego can include the place we go if we are involved in a serious car crash, a major health scare, the death of a loved one. It's ripe opportunity for the ego to take over and constantly worry about what is going to happen in the future because of this serious event that has occurred that has changed our lives. It's despair about the past and how we might have been able to change it, somehow, if only ... (more)

2015.10.26 Take some today to nurture your soul ... (more)

2015.10.25 Mindfulness, grief and anger. What to do ... (more)

2015.10.21 Today, give someone a random act of kindness .... (more)

2015.10.20 Everyday allow some time to simply BE .... (more)

2015.10.19 Ever thought of having your own hotel? How about one for our insect and bug friends who are so beneficial to our gradens? Here's how .... (more)

2015.10.17 The joy of touching a horse when you are blind (more)

2015.10.17 Why some people do animal rescue work! (more)

2015.10.15 That look when you taste icecream for the first time! (more)

2015.10.12 Helping the homeless with backpacks ... (more)

2015.10.07 Are you inspired at work? How to get inspiration at work ... (more)

2015.09.28 Good is the enemy of words? Andrea Bocelli ..... (more)

2015.09.26 Why nice people are so scary ... (video) ... (more)

2015.09.25 The spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi lives on ......

2015.09.25 Self-compassion now a better test of well being than self-esteem... read more

2015.09.22 Values versus Goals in life .....

What values drive your life? It is easy to confuse values with goals. Simply put, goals can be ticked off a list when they have been achieved. An example could be wanting to buy a car. Once you have purchased a car that goal has been achieved and can be ticked off the list. Values take a little longer to define and can be represented as a 'compass direction'.... read more

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