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  • Fellowship and Workshops:

We offer fellowship in the form of learning the art of letting go in stillness and contemplation. In the beautiful surrounds of the Blue Skies Sanctuary in Karridale, we offer peaceful surrounds set amongst 40 acres of nature, particularly majestic Karri trees. In small groups of 3 or 4 people we learn that life is about now, not the future, not the past, not our worries, not our fears. We learn that by connecting right here, right now with what is, a comfort and sense of clarity and greater purpose in life can be achieved. It really is that easy. The only difficult part is trying to sell stillness as a solution to our woes!

Importantly in stillness we connect spiritually with the world around us. We get that sense of connectedness and oneness with all of creation. We are no better and no less. This is not something you learn to develop through thinking. It is the process that comes from being in stillness and in essence, one with all around you. It doesn't take chanting, or striking a certain pose. It is simply learning the oft forgotten art of being present, right here right now, beyond the limitations of thought.

What do you call the life force? God? Spirit? Are you Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu? It really doesn't matter what you answer here, the one thing all the mystics have in common is a belief that there is an inter-connectedness with everything including people, animals, plant life, the universe. There is an energy, a gel that bonds us all and somehow keeps the whole thing going.

What all the mystics in their true form and interpretation reveal is that to connect with that energy, that life force, the best way to do this is through stillness or contemplation (prayer, meditation etc).

The problem with being human is that we think too much and judge ourselves by our thoughts and this stops us fully experiencing life as it is in the moment, right here, right now. In fact it is said you cannot think in the present moment. This being true, if you judge yourself by your thoughts then the majority of your life is either lived in the past or the future!

Contemplation doesn't add a gloss to life. Life can be and is difficult. Contemplation helps us navigate this better and helps us actually celebrate all that life has to offer! Would you like to know more and find out how you can join our Fellowship groups? Simply contact Mark here through this link (click here for our contact form).

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  • Weekend Retreats:

Our sanctuary retreats run on a regular basis in Karridale on 40 acres of pristine Karri forest and beautiful, relaxing gardens around our retreat centre. The atmosphere is calming, peaceful and the ideal setting to relax and recuperate, focus on life and what is important to you. Through contemplation under the guidance of Mark you will increasingly connect yourself with 'now'. You will be able to let go of worry and guilt and fear. Your batteries will be recharged. You will find more direction in life and purpose. Your understanding of life will increase. Whether you are religious, agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, spiritual or just don't know, you will find a greater peace through contemplation - simply being still at one with life.

You will be able to - have time out; get back to basics; chill; learn; pray / meditate / contemplate; do nothing; do whatever it is you need to do to feel recharged and happy; get back to your reality; focus on your life with calmness and greater clarity; just be; not be pressured; feel normal; feel ok; go for a walk; have a glass of good red; watch the sun set; get a sense of belonging; have good conversation; share; put another log on the fire. It's a slow paced, easy living atmosphere. Bliss.

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Pictures of our beautiful Blueskies Sanctuary Retreat in Karridale

Relax in the tranquil surrounds of this 40 acre property

Accommodation includes 4 delightful bedrooms
with a queen size bed, king size and 2 singles.

Our instruction room and relaxation area


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